The Florence Residences

The Florence Residences previously called Florence Regency situated at Hougang Avenue 2, has been acquired by a Chinese developer, Logan Property Developers. This comes after the developer submitted a winning bid of S$692 million for the property in an en bloc sale.

The sale comes after an earlier attempt failed. Each owner of the units at The Florence Residences is expected to receive between $S1.84 million and S$1.89 million from the proceeds. The initial collective sale stalled after the bidder accepted the reserve price but could not meet the valuation price of S$629. The bids from the other two developers could not match the reserve price.

According to the terms of the en bloc sale agreement, the sale price could not fall below the valuation, and the tender had to close without a matching valuation. The Marketing agent, JLL managed to get Longan Property Developers who were willing to match the valuation price. The collective sale was closed through a private treaty with the developer in a direct price negotiation.

The Florence Residences site is situated close to a bus interchange of Hougang Mall and next to Hougang MRT station. The Kovan MRT station located along Upper Serangoon Road can be accessed easily from The Florence Residence.

Benefits That Residents of The Florence Residences Will Enjoy Living in Hougang District 10 of Singapore

When looking for your next home, there are many reasons why you should consider properties in District 10 of Singapore. You don’t just get an opportunity to live in a great residential setting, nearly anything you will need is right next to your home. Connectivity in this area is at its best which means future residents can look forward to shorter and quick commutes. You get to enjoy the convenience of staying in a region with a plethora of facilities and amenities from schools, shopping centres, restaurants, to hospitals.
In this guide, we are going to look at what makes this area a great choice in more details. The future residents of The Florence Residences will get an opportunity to benefit from the several amenities around the neighbourhood.

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Why The Florence Residences Buyers?

1. Excellent Connectivity

As with every developed residential area, the level of connectivity is very crucial. It is for this reason that The Florence Residences makes an ideal place for anyone who desires convenience. The transport system around the neighbourhood is enhanced to ensure that you get wherever you want to be in time without any hectic delays. The entire area is networked with MRT lines and Roads featuring plenty of bus stops to ensure that residents commute with great ease.

The addition of Hougang Central Bus interchange in the area has greatly been enhanced connectivity. Commuters from The Florence Residences can connect with Upper Serangoon Road to access other places like the Hougang MRT, Cheng San Public Library, Kang Kar Mall, Hougang Mall and the nearby schools such as CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity and Holy Innocents’ High.

With the completion of the pending projects, residents of Hougang can look forward to smooth commutes. The new integrated transport hub will connect different parts of Hougang at Hougang MRT Station. The extension of Buangkok Link and Buangkok Crescent will boost the road network in the region. Various road improvements are ongoing along Lorong Ah Soo, Hougang Central, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Tampines Road, and Upper Serangoon Road. The Cross Island Line provides a direct MRT line that links the area to Changi and other parts.

With excellent shuttle services moving around the neighbourhood, residents can rely on public transport for quick commutes. Besides, private car owners will like living at The Florence Residences as well due to the established roads. Overall, connectivity is at its best in District 10.

2. Unmatched Convenience

Hougang is well situated next to several amenities and facilities. The self-sufficient District is a great choice for anyone who desires utmost convenience. Within the vicinity are prominent shopping malls like Serangoon Shopping Centre, Hougang 1, Heartland Mall and Hougang Mall. Access to these malls will enable the future residents of The Florence Residences to enjoy unlimited shopping.
Hougang area well linked with the Hougang Central Bus Interchange and Hougang MRT station. The bus services offer you quick commutes to various parts of Singapore through the multiple established routes in the region. Although Hougang is not so close to the city, professionals working in the city will still benefit from the highly integrated transport system.

Besides, the nearby sports and community centres enable residents to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The Realty Park Playground (800m), Hougang Neighbourhood Park, and Punggol Park are just next to your home at the Florence Residences; you can head there when you need a quiet retreat from the busy life. The abundance of greenery in these parks is amazing. They offer you cool spots where you can engage in activities with your friends and family during your free time.

There are several good schools around The Florence Residence which makes this neighbourhood attractive to families. With schools such as Xinmin Primary School a walking distance, residents with school going children will appreciate the convenience that this place offers. The established transport system will enable your kids to access the schools easily.

The Florence Residences is situated close to the upcoming Defu Industrial Park. There are plans for the Park to undergo a big makeover that will improve its industrial floor space. Once completed, residents of Hougang will benefit from the convenience of working there plus the accessibility of a classy working environment. This park will attract many businesses transforming the area into a great hub. This will add to the amenities and facilities available in the area.

The neighbourhood also features clinics and hospitals which are conveniently located to allow easy access. Hospitals such as Hougang Polyclinic and Bright Vision Hospital can be accessed within a 5 mins ride from The Florence Residences. Considering that access to proper medical care is essential, you will enjoy the convenience you get living in this part of the island.

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3. Proximity to Good Schools

The importance of living in a residential area that allows easy access to educational institutions is every parent’s main concern. While Hougang might not be one of the residential areas packed with many schools, there are enough schools in the area to meet your education needs. Future residents of The Florence Residences will enjoy living in this area due to the convenience they get accessing the nearby schools which are just a walking distance away.
With excellent transport in the area, getting to the schools is made easy. Residents can enjoy smooth and quick commutes with the plenty of bus services moving around the neighbourhood. This allows your kids to arrive at school on time and arrive home early getting enough time to rest. Childcare centres and daycares centres are also conveniently located within the vicinity.

Here is a rundown of some of the schools next to The Florence Residences:

  • Xinghua Primary School
  • Holy Innocents’ High School
  • Montfort Junior School
  • Serangoon Junior College
  • Xinmin Primary and Secondary schools

4. Next to Shopping Centres

You don’t have to be a shopaholic to appreciate living in Hougang. Anyone who desires unparallel convenience will definitely like what’s offered here. Future residents of The Florence Residences will never miss an option when it comes to shopping facilities. Various reputable malls are well situated just a few distances from your home. The proximity to the amenities coupled with the excellent transportation system that Hougang offers is amazing.

District 10 is self-sufficient with commercial malls like Serangoon Shopping Centre, Hougang 1, Heartland Mall, Heartland Mall, and Hougang Mall closely for the future residents of The Florence Residences to enjoy. The malls feature a variety of shops to ensure that all your needs are met. This means you don’t have to travel to other areas for shopping. Some of the shops you will find in the mall include, shoes, clothes, groceries, food courts, and shops selling reading materials.

Besides some of the malls feature cinemas and entertainment shops to ensure that your shopping experience is not boring. You can spend a whole day around the malls shopping, dining or playing games and still not get enough. They also make great destinations for catching up with friends or relatives for a meal or drink.

5. Proximity to Restaurants

If you’ve been to Hougang, then you will agree that this area offers unlimited food options with plenty of joints that brighten the neighbourhood. Hougang features both hawker centres such as Ci Yuan Hawker Centre as well as restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of delicious food. The future residents of The Florence Residences will enjoy the proximity to these food spots. Most of them are just a walking distance away from your home at The Florence Residences.

Heng Long Teochew Porridge is a place to be if you are looking forward to tasty foods like what you get at home. Some of the ingredients you to slurp with your Teochew mui offered here include salted egg, spicy minced pork, fish cake, braised duck, and cabbage accompanied with braised sauce. This place remains a favourite spot for supper to most residents in the neighbourhood.
Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre is yet another food options around The Florence Residences. This food centre features popular Chinese-style nasi lemak. Visit this restaurant and customise your plate with your favourite ingredients such as long beans, otah, fish fillet, fried chicken wings and more.

Overall you won’t miss a restaurant or joint serving your favourite meal around Hougang. Other places you might consider include 21 Seafood, Qi Wei Ji Bao, Knuckles Bistro, Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum, Chong Pang Huat, Simon Road Fried Hokkien Mee, Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow and more.

6. Close to Parks

The nearby parks around The Florence Residences enhance the greenery and beauty of nature in the area. The proximity to the parks allows the future residents of The Florence Residences to enjoy some quality time outdoors with family or friends. There is abundant space where your kids can engage in various activities.

Some of the places you can visit within the vicinity include the upcoming Changi Coastal Loop and Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. The extension of the green network in the area will enable the residents to enjoy easy access to park connectors such as the extended park connector at Hougang Avenue 3 that will link to Pelton Canal Park Connector.

Other parks that the residents of The Florence Residences can access easily are found in the North-Eastern Parts via the North-Eastern Riverine Loop park connectors. The enlargement of NERL to join the 150km round Island Route will add recreational alternatives for the residents to pick from. With plenty of parks around Hougang, residents will enjoy living in this area. They won’t have to travel long to different places when the parks are situated right at the corner.

How the URA Master Plan Planning Will Benefit Hougang
and the Future Residents of The Florence Residences

Hougang is a residential town and a planning area that has lots to offer to its residents. The neighbourhood is parked with schools, shopping centres, restaurants, parks and more which makes it a great destination. With the implementation of the URA Master Plan residents can look forward to a better and more self-sufficient Hougang. In a few years, residents will be able to access more recreational centres, parks and enjoy enhanced connectivity. The upcoming projects will also help to project Hougang’s rich history through heritage sites.

The URA Master Plan features amazing developments that will transform Hougang making it one of the best areas in Singapore. The future residents of The Florence Residences will be able to access services that better their living condition more comfortably. Transformation of the town into a commercial hub will create various employment opportunities in the industrial estate and the business park for the benefit of the residents.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Future residents of
The Florence Residences can look forward to:

1. Better Housing

Hougang is among the best residential areas in Singapore that offer a perfect mix of public and private housing. However, residents of Hougang will have more housing options upon the implementation of the URA Master Plan. The program will revitalise the neighbourhood with the development of new houses that meet the current housing needs. This means that the future residents of this area will be able to enjoy an improved living environment.

Some of the projects underway that will transform this region of Singapore include:

  • There are plans that will allow Hougang to showcase its history in a better way at Upper Serangoon Road Heritage Corridor.
  • The provision of healthcare services at Hougang will be improved with the addition of a healthcare facility. Other projects upcoming include a one-stop community hub featuring a hawker centre and an art centre to be built at Hougang Avenue 9.
  • Addition of several retail amenities at Hougang Central, Hougang Avenue 7, Kovan, Buangkok Drive and at Jalan Pelikat will make accessing supplies much easier.
  • Under an Estate Upgrading Program, residents will enjoy the development of a pedestrian footbridge moving across Singei situated at Gerald-Muglistone.
  • Development of a nursing home at Hougang Avenue 8 will enable the provision of better healthcare services senior citizens to the senior citizens.
  • The plan also features improvements to the new walkways at Hougang central and landscaping in the area.

2. Improved Transportation

Although Hougang is already well linked to various parts of Singapore through the established MRT lines and the road network, the upcoming projects will boost connectivity once completed. Improved transportation system means a lot to the future residents. Apart from accessing other parts outside Hougang easily, they will be able to access the available amenities and facilities in the neighbourhood without a struggle. This means getting to schools, malls and, workplaces is set to become more smooth and comfortable.

3. Access to Major Parks

Greenery is an important aspect that enhances the overall look of a residential area. It makes the environment calm and beautiful. Amidst the many things that Hougang has to offer including entertainment and food options is the right dosage of nature and greenery. Besides, the URA Master Plan 2014 will see the introduction of new parks into the neighbourhood. The improvement of the green network will add beauty to this part of Singapore. These enhancements will improve the quality of life here especially with easy access to the parks from various parts.

Some of the developments to be implemented include:

  • A park at the upcoming Lorong Halus Industrial Park
  • An expanded Punggol Park
  • New neighbourhood parks at Kovan Estate
  • Developments to the canal at Hougang Avenue ten through the PUB’S Waters Programme, Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) that includes new landscaping with improved seating, shelter and lookout decks.
  • Extension of the park connector at Hougang Avenue 3 to link with the Pelton Canal park connector allowing easy access to Kallang Riverside.
  • Once these plans as per URA are implemented, Hougang is set to become more vibrant making it a desirable destination in Singapore. The future residents of The Florence Residences can take advantage of living in such a promising residential area. They will be able to enjoy fast access to various amenities around the region.

The Florence Residences is one of the best places to make your home in Singapore. The residential area is packed with everything you need to run your daily activities without travelling far away from home. To get to any of the parts of Hougang, the bus interchange and MRT stations around will facilitate quick commutes. Access to schools, shopping centres, parks and restaurants is also at its best here. Investors and homeowners alike will find interest in this area due to its strategic location and the convenience that residents will enjoy.
Little to say, Hougang is a place for everyone.

Whether you need a place to raise your kids or where your old ones can stay, getting a unit at The Florence Residences is a wise choice. If you need more information about The Florence Residences, visit the Florence Residences Condo Showflat and get to experience the comfort that the units are set to offer.

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